Abstract Submission Rules

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  • The submission deadline will be next 17 March 2020. Deadline extended until 7 May 2020
  • All abstracts must be submitted via the Congress website form. Abstracts received otherwise will not be accepted.
  • You will receive email confirmation that your abstract has been received and will be given access to the website private area to check your submission. If you find any error, please contact us at congreso.cientifico@seorl.net.
  • After the abstract submission deadline, no changes will be accepted except for typographic errors in names of authors and institutions or centres, for which the deadline is 15 May, 2020, 23:59 CET. After that, no corrections of any kind can be made.

Abstract submission deadline is 17 March 2020
Deadline extended until 7 May 2020

General Rules

  • An first author is allowed to submit a maximum of three abstracts, regardless of the format.
  • The number of authors is limited to:
    • Instructional courses: 3
    • Other presentations: 6
  • Papers cannot be submitted in two or more formats (oral/video/poster). In that case, organizers will select the poster presentation.
  • The first author of submitted abstracts is required to be a member of SEORL. Presenting authors are also required to be members of SEORL and register as participants to the Congress.
  • In the case of instructional courses, ALL authors should follow the instructions above. If any of the authors is not an ORL, please let us know by writing to congreso.científico@seorl.net.

Follow the instructions for each kind of presentation


  • Manuscripts are required to meet international organization guidelines: title, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion/conclusion. 
  • Manuscripts based on a small number of observations or clinical trials that are not innovative must select the poster format.
  • Conceptual oral communications will only exceptionally be admitted.
  • Any videos shown during the Congress may be chosen later for SEORL training purposes, with the prior consent of the first author.

Research Forum

  • Manuscripts submitted must be original and not already published in whole.
  • Six manuscripts will be selected for the Research Forum session. In the event more proposals are received, the best six manuscripts will be selected and the committee will decide how to disseminate the non-selected ones.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted through the website form by sending the abstract that will be published in the Congress book of proceedings. Once selected to participate in the session, the full paper must be emailed to congreso.premios@seorl.net in either Word or PDF format (8-10 pages, single-spaced, 12-point font) not later than 1 September 2020.
  • Manuscripts must meet international organization guidelines: title, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion/conclusion.
  • Preference will be given to abstracts on funded research projects (FIS, CICYT, Comunidades…) or from PhD dissertations.
  • Only papers by residents or specialists who have finished residency within the last 15 years will be selected.

Instructional Courses

  • Courses will be selected with the purpose of encouraging the participation of more members and foreign lecturers, paying attention to excellence, as is the rule.
  • Priority will be given to highest-rated courses in the past. The Scientific Committee will design a rotating calendar so as not to affect courses negatively in following years.
  • Each author will be limited to giving only one course.
  • ALL authors must meet the requirements described in the General Rules section.

Application for Awards

Click on the Awards section to find out about the rules and deadlines to apply for video and poster awards. Do not forget to check the information uploaded in this section to participate.

    • Abstracts can be submitted in any of the following two languages: English and Spanish, and the presentation must be necessarily in the same language used for abstract submission.
    • Abstract title is limited to 250 characters.
    • Abstracts must not exceed 3,500 characters.
    • To ensure stylistic consistency, authors are kindly asked:
      • Not to leave a blank line between paragraphs in the abstract
      • Not to include bulleted lists in the abstract.
      • Provide full name of Hospital/University
    • Include in the abstract any figures or statistics that will be presented at the Congress. This requirement is to be necessarily complied with.

SEORL DOES NOT CHECK ABSTRACTS FOR SPELLING OR GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. All the data included in the abstract will be published as received in both the programme and abstract book. You are kindly requested to use the spelling checker before submitting the texts.

Read the format guidelines carefully


Failure to follow any of these rules may entitle SEORL to cancel the presentation at the Congress.

Authors failing to attend their presentations or instructional courses for no justified reason can be penalized by the SEORL-CCC, by precluding them from participating as authors in the following two Congresses of the Society.